How Much Can a Restyle Save You


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Restyling your furniture actually can save you a ton of $$ and let you fall in love all over again at the same time!

It’s true.

Take this classic Ethan Allen coffee table.


The shape, size etc still work great with its living room, but after 15 years the orangey maple is a little less appealing. Kicking it to the curb on Craigslist may net $75 and a giant headache. Replacing it with a shiny new budget friendly one could run at least $450. (Probably closer to $3,000 with my ability to automatically gravitate to the most expensive item in stores, catalogs and on line.


My Restyle price for this table is signifcantly less than $450-$75. And a giant boat load less than $3000-$75.

There’s no delivery fees because its hand painted or stained at your place.

You don’t have to spend the weekend taking tours of all the big box stores on the internet or paging thru Restoration Hardware catalogs.

You can choose any color you want.

There’s the elimination of any guilt over tossing out something perfectly good.

I can even emboss a stencil on that table! Ok, I’m pretty excited about this technique…so you’ll continue to be hearing a lot more about it.

If you’re interested in changing up your home decor without an enormous price, it’ll be worth it to get a quote from me.

You can reach me via Facebook at or shoot me an email at


About Restyle Junkie

Creative entrepreneur and Chicago native native enjoying the warmth of Phoenix, AZ for the past 17 years. I am passionate about transforming things that are ordinary and dated into fabulous focal points. Restyle Junkie ( is a licsenced contractor in Phoenix, Arizona business that professionally refinishes cabinets. We also specialize in taking brand new wood, adding texture, paint and stain to give it a custom rustic distressed look. All the charm of real reclaimed, but without the dirt and bugs for your projects! On line we offer cabinet painting tutorials, and information for both DIY'ers and professions with live webiners.( and am The Restyle Junkie showroom is located at 625 W. Please be sure to join our community on Facebook ( and visit the website to get General Finishes products delivered right to your door. You can message me on any of my social media outlets and your question might just be the next one we answer. When I'm not making something pretty, I'm hanging out with my blended family and my spoiled dogs, soaking up as much sunshine as possible.
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