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Before picture cedar hope chest

Virginia Maid Cedar Hope Chest circa 1960 now

You can make lemonade paint ’em til they’re pretty!

In defense of the Virginia Maid Cedar Hope Chest pictured above,  my approval was sought prior to delivery AND my head was swirling with exciting contemplating the endless possibilities for restyling this forgotten old chest.  Trust me when I tell you that this is definitely not usually reflective of how I feel when random large objects magically appear in the garage.  One day I will share pictures and you will understand.

Hope Chest Before Picture

Virginia Maid Cedar Hope chest with pristine interior.

This chest came with all of its’ original paperwork.  Complete with a hilarious list of “necessities” for a new bride to stock her hope chest and a serial number that showed its manufacture date to have been in March 1960. With an modernizing exterior restyle this hope chests has at least another 54 years in it to house the next owners treasures.

It’s my thought that just because something is old it isn’t a travesty to not painstakingly restore it back to it’s glory days. It is ok to chose a new style.  It is ok not to force yourself to like gold and yellow chests originally built to house linens in case the Queen of England dropped by for tea.  It is perfectly ok to like the way it looks in grey and silver better.  The paint haters and wood purists may disagree, but I say if a little restyle can make you fall in love all over again, why not?

Before and After of Cedar Hope Chest Restyle

Before and After of Cedar Hope Chest Restyle. Chest was painted in silver and the center was embellished with textured stencils in a metallic silver paint. (Currently for sale!)


Restyled Hope Chest

Side view or Restyled Cedar Hope Chest

Here’s another gem that showed up in the garage:

Jewelry Chest before Restyle

Old fashioned reproduction of free standing jewelry hutch.

This was a gift for our teenage daughters. Great bones, but less than desirable wood color to fit in with our 7th graders hot pink and zebra striped decorated bedroom.  Luckily, the girls have a little faith in my restyling abilities to know that we could make it work.

I decided to go with General Finishes milk paint in Patina Green and metallic silver on the handles and draw pulls.  I also highlighted the ridges in the furniture by outlining them in silver.

Before and After Jewelry chest photo

Before and After Reproduction Jewelry chest in Patina Green.

Before and After Jewelry Cabinet Photo

Before and After Jewelry Chest Restyle

In conclusion, if hand me down furniture shows up a your door, before you turn your nose up to it, realize that there’s a lot you just be able to do with it, or have done to make it fit in with your current style.  Also, keep in mind that the best style is one that makes you smile. No point in keeping something in it’s original form if it’s not working for you. Life is short.  Mix up your furniture colors if it makes you happy.


About Restyle Junkie

Creative entrepreneur and Chicago native native enjoying the warmth of Phoenix, AZ for the past 17 years. I am passionate about transforming things that are ordinary and dated into fabulous focal points. Restyle Junkie (http://www.restylejunkie.com) is a licsenced contractor in Phoenix, Arizona business that professionally refinishes cabinets. We also specialize in taking brand new wood, adding texture, paint and stain to give it a custom rustic distressed look. All the charm of real reclaimed, but without the dirt and bugs for your projects! On line we offer cabinet painting tutorials, and information for both DIY'ers and professions with live webiners.(http://www.restylejunkie.com) and am The Restyle Junkie showroom is located at 625 W. Please be sure to join our community on Facebook (https://fb.com/restylejunkie) and visit the website to get General Finishes products delivered right to your door. You can message me on any of my social media outlets and your question might just be the next one we answer. When I'm not making something pretty, I'm hanging out with my blended family and my spoiled dogs, soaking up as much sunshine as possible.
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