5 FAQ’s about my Restyling and Cabinet Painting Business


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I’m going to share some of the most common questions that people ask me. Chances are you may be wondering the same things.

Q: Do I have to load up my furniture and bring it somewhere for you to paint it?

A:  No, that’s the beauty of Restyle Junkie. No need to have a truck, enlist a neighbor or tweak your back.  I come to your home or office.  I paint and stencil all of my projects by hand and the products I use have very low odor, which make them perfect for using indoors.

Q: Do I have to take everything out of my built in cabinets or vanity?

A: Nope. You sure don’t.  Typically I do not stain or paint the inside.  Occasionally, it makes sense to paint the inside of some furniture pieces and then the answer is yes.  I’m pretty neat and I just need an inch or two of “clearance” to tape off.  You can usually shove everything back or use this as the perfect opportunity to clean out your clutter.

Q:  Is my house or office going to stink from all the paint, gel, glaze and topcoats?

A:  A lot less than you might be thinking!  The products I use are very low in odor and do not smell like typically latex paint or stain.  As a rule of thumb it is a best practice to keep the fans on and open windows when possible.  Most customers are pleasantly surprised with how quickly any smell dissipates. Personally, I love perfume and Bath & Body works lotion and wearing it is my way of off setting any icky chemical smell.

Q:  Can I see a sample before you crack open a paint can?

A: Absolutely.  I always strive to be transparent with my work and covey the realistic outcome on your furniture or cabinets.  My Restyle’s are artistic in nature and are not the same as a factory finish. I bring samples with me and can work up some for your particular color combo as well.  I also highly recommend that you visit my public Facebook page at www.facebook.com/restylejunkie and search through the photos of past work and for inspiration.

Q: Isn’t it weird working in people’s homes and having  them watch you? I could never do that!?!?

A:  I promise you that almost everyone asks me this question!  The answer is no and it’s mostly because the majority of my clients are very busy and don’t have time or the interest to monitor me. Also, I really enjoy connecting with people.  I actually like the time I spend working and chatting with my customers!  However, clients’ dogs could fill an entire blog post!  I am a dog magnet. I will more than likely spend more time being monitored by the family pet than anyone else.  If Restyle Junkie doesn’t continue to work, then I just might become a dog whisperer.

One of my many Supervisors!

One of my many Supervisors!


If I haven’t answered your questions, please ask!


About Restyle Junkie

Creative entrepreneur and Chicago native native enjoying the warmth of Phoenix, AZ for the past 16 years. I am passionate about transforming things that are ordinary and dated into fabulous focal points. Restyle Junkie (http://www.restylejunkie.com) is a Phoenix, Arizona business that restyles cabinets & helps DIYers with cabinets & furniture. We also specialize in taking brand new wood, adding texture, paint and stain to give it a custom rustic distressed look. All the charm of real reclaimed, but without the dirt and bugs for your projects! I offer DIY classes (http://www.restylejunkieDIY.com) and am General Finishes retailer. The Restyle Junkie showroom is located at 625 W. Deer Valley Rd, #108, Phoenix, Arizona 85027. Please be sure to visit us if you're in town. If you are checking in from miles away, I answer a viewer's question every Friday via video on Facebook. (https://fb.com/restylejunkie) You can message me on any of my social media outlets and your question might just be the next one we answer. When I'm not making something pretty, I'm hanging out with my blended family and my spoiled dogs, soaking up as much sunshine as possible.
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