Cheating the Cost of Custom Drapery


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Custom looking faux silk shantung drapery panels tied back with tassel secured to door knob drawer pull.

Custom looking faux silk shantung drapery panels tied back with tassel secured to door knob drawer pull.

Detailed, embellished draperies can make such a stunning impact in a room. Unfortunately, they have the ability to take a big bite out of your budget.  With my unprecedented skill of being able to walk into a store and pick out the most expensive thing in the room, I knew I’d have to come up with an alternative solution for the custom curtain look I wanted for the closet entryway in my master bedroom.

Here’s what I knew I wanted before I started:

1) French pleated top, as they look formal and fancy to me.

2) Heavy silk or luxurious velvet in a rich brown.

3) A “faux” curtain width, as I was going for a look over function.

4) Some crystal in the mix.

5) A tassel tie back.

6) Something different to be used as a tie back for the tassel.

7) Hang them higher than closet opening for maximum drama

I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and was able to score some fake silk shantung french pleated chocolate lined panels in 108″ length on clearance and used a 20% off coupon.  Proof that sometimes the stars do align.

French pleat curtain panels hung with rings and french pleat clips.

French pleat curtain panels hung with rings and French pleat clips. (The sharp little things that look like funky paperclips.)

Also, I bought some hanging rings with clips and modified them by removing the clip part and adding the french pleat paperclip looking thing that makes them hang properly.  I also picked up a simple curtain rod and dressed up the ends with crystal finials that I found in the drapery section.

I used some a discarded clip and a few extra french pleat hooks to “sew” together the panels so it would look like one wide panel instead of the two narrow ones that I purchased.  The french pleat allowed me to better control how they folded.  You can tell a little bit from the inside the closet view, but it’s virtually invisible from the bathroom view.


Close up showing the “seam” of where the two panels meet.


The draped entryway to the closet softens all of the angular lines seen throughout the bathroom and adds some dramatic flair.

The tassel is from the best place on Earth that I know of so far to purchase tassels…Tuesday Morning.  ( I should have a tassel punch card from there!)  I found the vintage looking door knob in the fabulous cabinet and drawer pull aisle at Hobby Lobby and nailed it into the wall.

Faux silk drapery with tassel and door knob tie back.

Faux silk drapery with tassel and door knob tie back.

View of the curtain from entry to master bathroom.

View of the curtain from entry to master bathroom.

This project cost right around $100.  Not too bad for getting the look of  an expensive drapery on an incredibly small budget.


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