“Hello Texture! Care if I touch?”


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Upcycled snake skin mirror

Upcycled mirror embellished with a textured snake skin pattern.

I have always been a fan of all sorts of textures.  My barometer as to whether I truly like something or not usually correlates directly to the intensity in which I feel compelled to reach out and touch it.  If I can walk by easily and keep my hands to myself, than the object in question was probably just okay in my book.  However, when strolling through an art fair and my hands involuntarily start moving towards a piece,  I know that  it speaks to me and I am engaged.

Gold and Gray cabinet

Gold and grey cabinet with thick textured stencil in the center. Distressed, glazed and embellished with gold foil too. Perfect for a vanity or restyling a buffet.

I’ve been trying to incorporate my fondness for all things texture in my work.  Whether it is for a project in my own home or a custom order for a client, adding the element of texture is one of my favorite things to do.  Things that are dimensional are way more interesting to me than things that are simple.  I don’t know if it’s the wow factor of “how did they do that” or if it’s because it is unexpected. Mostly, I think I like it because it is the antithesis of perfection.  As someone who is a serial over achiever and my very own toughest critic, it is so exciting/healing/freeing to create something that has imperfections, blemishes and even some inconsistencies, but still collectively beautiful enough for others to want to touch and experience.

Textured coffee table

Solid wood rescued coffee table. Originally spray painted black (gasp!) it was hand troweled durable texture with multiple layers of glaze. 

There are limitless products on the market that make it possible to add texture.  Whether you are amateur or a pro I urge you to play around to achieve some new looks.  Your disdain for all of the outdated and plain things in your life could lift as you begin to contemplate the possibilities. You may start out with a vision of a particular outcome in your head and end up with something completely different, but yet so fabulous that it could earn the most coveted prize of all…the “wow, can I touch it? test!  And of course, if you are turned onto the idea, but would rather have me do it for you, I’d be thrilled. Just let me know if I can bring my snake skin roller!

Snake skin texture pattern.

Faux snake skin texture sample created with a patterned roller and a texture medium. Fun look for funky furniture to a glam restaurant accent wall.

Ps. I LOVE when people touch my work, it is the ultimate compliment.



About Restyle Junkie

Creative entrepreneur and Chicago native native enjoying the warmth of Phoenix, AZ for the past 16 years. I am passionate about transforming things that are ordinary and dated into fabulous focal points. Restyle Junkie (http://www.restylejunkie.com) is a Phoenix, Arizona business that restyles cabinets & helps DIYers with cabinets & furniture. We also specialize in taking brand new wood, adding texture, paint and stain to give it a custom rustic distressed look. All the charm of real reclaimed, but without the dirt and bugs for your projects! I offer DIY classes (http://www.restylejunkieDIY.com) and am General Finishes retailer. The Restyle Junkie showroom is located at 625 W. Deer Valley Rd, #108, Phoenix, Arizona 85027. Please be sure to visit us if you're in town. If you are checking in from miles away, I answer a viewer's question every Friday via video on Facebook. (https://fb.com/restylejunkie) You can message me on any of my social media outlets and your question might just be the next one we answer. When I'm not making something pretty, I'm hanging out with my blended family and my spoiled dogs, soaking up as much sunshine as possible.
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